How to Intentionally Use Training as a Business Development Strategy – Part I

One of the toughest decisions that most business owners struggle with is deciding whether to commit to training programs that are not associated to a capital investment. Unfortunately, this resistance stems from the poor track record that many of these training programs have in producing measurable results. Although these concerns are often unspoken, it explains […]

Redefining Sales Training

I get asked many of times if I am a motivational speaker and I usually smile when I hear the question because I know why they are asking. I am extremely curious so when I’m engaged in a conversation, I ask a lot of questions that usually get people thinking differently about what they have […]

Management Training – Closing the Gap between Corporate Speak, Practical App & the Results You Actually Get!

Process improvement programs from TQM, to EDGE, to EXCEL, to CEE & more…all these acronyms represent the manufacturers’ commitment to proactively impact the customer experience across their diverse distribution channels. The objective for all is the same; implement systems & processes that will equip their dealers with tools and strategies, which they will in turn, […]