The Writing is on the Wall – 200 Millions Reasons to Wake Up or True Car Will Be Hosting the Death of a Salesman!

For many years consumers have been complaining about the buying experience at the local dealership and have often compared the experience to pulling teeth without the benefit of a painkiller. However, in the post internet era where easy access to information has changed the way that vehicles are bought and sold, consumers have expanded the […]

How to Intentionally Use Training as a Business Development Strategy – Part I

One of the toughest decisions that most business owners struggle with is deciding whether to commit to training programs that are not associated to a capital investment. Unfortunately, this resistance stems from the poor track record that many of these training programs have in producing measurable results. Although these concerns are often unspoken, it explains […]

Coaching & Consulting

Dealership employees are constantly promoted to management positions without the necessary skills to flourish. They are asked to implement programs from the manufacturer without the necessary foreknowledge needed for the program’s successful implementation. This is where our coaching and consulting services will prove to be an invaluable resource. Our program will provide managers with access […]