The Professional Standards For Sales Excellence

The Professional Standards for Sales Excellence training program was designed to teach the specific steps on how to build, maintain and manage a book of business. Surprisingly, this is the first program of its kind to provide this type of in depth training on this most important subject matter because just about every business depends on the movement of goods and services to keep the doors open. I have always been baffled as to why selling is not being taught as a degree program in traditional learning institutions when you consider how important a role it plays in the survival of all businesses that spurs the growth of our economy.

It has taken me over a decade of diligent persistent research to assemble, organize and field test the curriculum that we now call the Professional Standards for Sales Excellence or PSSE for short. This program allows anyone to easily learn the foundational principles that are the core competencies of selling and business development so that each person can enter the workforce then add the necessary product knowledge from any business and be effective and successful. These individuals will be competent and confident because they will know exactly what to do, when to do it and most importantly how to build, maintain and manage their book of business.

There are no scripts or word tracks to remember, no techniques that violates professional or moral ethics, just solid process based principles and strategies that are guaranteed to produce results. These processes are not industry or discipline specific, but mandatory for all who depend on selling and business development to generate revenue. It is a system that provides the processes and the step-by-step activities for anyone to follow and achieve any amount of success he or she is willing to work for. Furthermore, it provides sales managers with a program to give each member of their sales team his or her own unique personalized developmental plan in order to reach his or her full potential. Finally, it provides organizations with a viable business development strategy that utilizes their own internal personnel as the drivers by inducing permanent change in their behavior and performance to increase sales.

The expertise utilized to create this program comes from all perspectives in the selling and business development process. So whether you are a leader, a manager, a salesperson or all three, you will find that PSSE will deliver the content that makes your business and selling life significantly more rewarding.

I’ve learned that the one common denominator of all truly successful professionals is that they see themselves as a work-in-progress and as a result are constantly working on themselves to improve. It is only by having this correct view that they are able to take full and personal responsibility of their professional development which is the primary reason for their success.

I am excited about the future of those that will use and share this information because I know exactly what the outcome will be.

To our mutual success,