Warning! Millennials are not just our Customers, they’re also our Employees

Millennials are extremely tech savvy. They are a different breed that will significantly affect the customer experience, the speed of change, and your dealership’s bottom line. So, it’s critically important to develop a plan, not just to deal with the buyer but your internal customers as well.

Key Point #1: millennials multitask, walk, talk, listen and text all at the same time, meaning their brains are always processing and they get bored easily. In other words, the same old approach and content used to developing these individuals is a recipe for disaster.

Key Point #2: Their capacity to learn is much higher than those of their predecessors; meaning, they can do more if we teach them more; they can do it faster if we provide them with the tools; and they can cut our expenses if we can tap their creativity, their social sphere and tech savviness.

Takeaway: Don’t fear them. Although they may be technologically smarter than us, the research shows that they still need and want guidance. They want strategies. They want frameworks. They want to know there is a plan and that the plan makes sense. They are always trying to connect the dots and will quickly discount anyone who responds to questions about outdated practices that “this is how we’ve always done it.” The world has changed. Our business model has changed. And if we don’t change by updating our practices that reflect the clientele and the employee base that we now or will soon serve, then soon, the guards will change and you won’t have to worry about it anymore…. Are you up for the challenge?