About the SPB blog

Welcome to my blog designed to provide you with strategies for how to excel as a selling and management professional. It has taken me over a decade of research, development and field testing to develop some of the strategies that will be used to fill the gaps that currently exist in traditional sales training programs. The emphasis of my writings is on the core knowledge base that the professional will need to know to engage in and excel at proactive business development and customer relationship management activities.

When I first started my career as a salesperson, I was not only in severe financial distress, but I also lacked the necessary knowledge to do something about it. There was no real clear path to becoming the person that I saw in my mind’s eye, and so I struggled until I succeeded. This blog is part of a fulfillment of a promise that I made years ago after a young salesman, like me when I started,  asked what he could do to become better, and like they told me then, I had nothing of real substance to share. I promised then that I would do something about it, so It was important to me that this program did not depend on the individual having any previous experience, just a desire to succeed and a product they believed in to sell.

If you are ready to change your life and those that you will be serving, then I am excited about your future because I know that just like it made a difference in my life, it will make a difference in yours.

I look forward to seeing you in the field and hearing your stories.

In friendship,