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A Complete Dealership Workforce Training Solution

Dealership Training Platform

Every dealership participating in this program will have access to a branded Training Platform to train, track and measure the employee’s progress throughout the entire training and development process.
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Proprietary Training Courses

The Professional Standards for Sales Excellence (PSSE) is a collection of training course developed to teach salespeople the skills,strategies and frameworks to generate leads, maintain client relationships, and manage a sales practice.
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On-Demand Corporate Trainer

Every dealership needs access to a corporate trainer! Dealerships will have access to a trainer by the hour, by the project or simply on-demand. Let us focus on the training, so you can focus on what you do best!
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Every Dealership is Different!

Dealerships have different types of customers, employees and situations that make a cookie cutter approach to training ineffective. It’s time to train differently!

Dealerships that have salespeople with skill gaps are forced to compensate by adding unnecessary expenses such BDC’s and call centers. These operators are trying to do activities that only salespeople should, and can be doing to develop meaningful relationships that lead to repeat and referral business. The solution is K-Method’s Skills and Knowledge gap coaching courses where training can be customized for the unique developmental needs of each member on the team. Let’s discuss how we can help you tailor a program to address the skills gap affecting your business.

Featured Courses

Employers need employees who possess work-ready skills such as soft skills, customer service skills, communication skills, mathematical skills, ethical behavior, and so on, to fill vacant positions. As a result, many employers are turning to workforce training boards and trade alliances to find work-ready candidates to fill these positions. This program prepares candidates for those roles.

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10 Lessons
YESS is a dynamic approach for youth & young adults (ages 16-24) to improve and develop the required “soft” skills and knowledge to succeed in the workplace. This program is specifically designed to develop employability skills.

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7 Lessons
Goal Setting for Selling Professionals provides a framework for goal development to achieve desired outcomes and grow your sales practice.

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1 Lessons
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