On a mission to help businesses build a better workforce

Workforce Training Re-Imagined

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we do business!

Virtual meetings and Online training platforms are now required training resources. Our mission is to make it easier and affordable for entrepreneurs, trainers, and small businesses to leverage these tools to train and develop their workforce.

It’s time to train differently!

K-Method offers solutions that empower Businesses, Trainers, and Entrepreneurs to thrive by re-imagining how workforce development and skills gap training is offered.

  • Q. Don’t have your own content to train and develop your workforce?
    A. Take advantage our prebuilt courses and workforce strategies to upskill current and new employees.
  • Q. Prefer to use your own content but don’t have the tool to deliver it online?
    A. Take advantage of our cost-effective and easy to use learning management system for your e-learning needs.
  • Q. Can’t find the time or the talent to do your internal training and development?
    A. Take advantage of a Certified Trainer to deliver your product-training or skills gap training for you.

Services & Solutions

K-Method offers a complete Done-For-You solution to take your business virtual!

Trainers train, they don’t do technology. If you have customers and have content, or even if you need content, let’s connect and discuss how K-Method can take you virtual.

  • Training Platform – branded for you and your business
  • Handholding throughout the entire onboarding process
  • Training Curriculum – access to our robust library to complement your offering

As an entrepreneur, you are in business for yourself, but you do not have to be by yourself. Do you have a product or service you are trying to sell? Are you struggling to pull a cohesive strategy together to grow your business? If you answered yes to these questions, check out our training and development courses designed to teach you how to:

Let’s connect to see how we can work together to fill the gaps to take your business forward.

K-Method offers a comprehensive Workforce training & Development solution to complement your Human Resource initiative. Control the competency of your workforce for new and current employees.

Use K-Method’s tools and resources for the following options:

  • On-boarding new hires
  • Performance & skills gap training
  • Continuous improvement of best practices
  • Management dashboard to monitor progress
  • Your own white-labeled training platform
  • Use of K-Method’s training content
  • Access to on-demand training services
  • Assist with building out your own content

Let’s connect to discuss how K-Method can help complement your workforce training initiative.

Apprenticeship, Professional Development & Skills Gap Training Programs

Explore the wide range of individual courses and training programs that will teach and enhance your team’s ability to become more effective at their jobs daily.

Goal Setting for Selling Professionals provides a framework for goal development to achieve desired outcomes and grow your sales practice.

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1 Lessons
Manager’s Role as Leader & Coach defines proven methods that promote continuous improvement, talent retention, as well as reduce employee turnover.

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1 Lessons
Dressing for Success teaches the fundamentals of presenting yourself to customers and the direct impact it has on sales.

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1 Lessons
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8 Compelling Reasons Why K-Method's Learning Platform is Right For Your Business

Here is what you get:

  • 1) Branded platform for your business
  • 2) Dashboard to Monitor training progress
  • 3) Easily assign targeted training
  • 4) Utilize training as a coaching tool
  • 5) Access to certified virtual Trainer
  • 6) Ability to add your own content
  • 7) Ability to use K-Method’s content
  • 8) Avilable certification learning plans