Work Certified™

offers trained, skilled and certified employees
that are properly prepared to professionally
fulfill your specific employment needs.



Learn the “soft” skills that employers are seeking. Separate yourself from the competition and gain the confidence you need to succeed.


Our goal is to prepare your future employees with the “soft” skills and behaviors that will ensure their success in your workplace.


The Work Certified™ program is designed for job acquisition, retention, and promotion!

We are different, here is why:

  • Employer Driven
  • Hands-on Delivery
  • Role playing, real work life exercises, group discussion, career-focus, team-building, behavior-shaping, motivating, etc.
  • Training taught from an employer perspective and setting
  • Skill sets that are generic to every occupation
  • Designed for all levels of job seeker, entry-level to advanced professional

It works…

The Work Certified™ Program providing solutions for a stronger, confident job seeker and workforce…

About Us

Work Certified™ is a suite of employer driven solutions designed to enhance the power of your workforce. Leading the way with soft skills training and behavior modification programs, we offer unique opportunities through our programs and services. The Saint Lucie County Chamber of Commerce serves as the certifying body to designate Work Certified™ as a work-ready, industry recognized credential. Recognized by the National Skill Standards Board. We ask, “What can we do for you?” Our slogan is “We Consult, We Customize, We Coach, We Care”.


Build a work-ready labor force by providing essential “soft” skills and business ethics instruction, validated by performance and preferred by employers.


To be the industry leader in work-readiness training.


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