“What you cannot define, you cannot
reproduce; what you cannot reproduce,
you cannot measure; what you cannot measure,
you cannot control or manage.”


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About Lessons from the Concrete Garden

Over a decade has been spent in research, development and field testing in order to identify and document the specific skill sets, characteristics and knowledge of a highly skilled and professional salesperson. Lessons from the Concrete Garden explain why many sales people struggle and most fail. It shines a spotlight on the struggling automotive industry and its selling practices and asks the question : how is it possible to spend billions of dollars on R&D, manufacturing and marketing to produce some of the most technologically advanced and complex products, then miss the mark when it comes to educating the individuals responsible for selling them?

About the Sales Professionals Blueprint

The Sales Professional’s Blueprint(SPB) is a breakthrough for those whose ll in the dealership business model. This book is a roadmap for sales people, or those considering a selling career in the automotive industry. SPB takes you on a step by step professional development journey by outlining a workable plan of action that includes exactly what you need to do, and the skills you need to acquire to succeed as a Selling Professional to day and beyond. The book is the story of Mike Smith, a typical car sales man that you may find in just about any dealership today, that’s faced with the real possibility of losing his job be cause of doing what most sales people believe to be normal and acceptable behavior. The dealership he works for was just acquired by a corporation, and the new sales manager discovers while reviewing his team’s performance that Mike is simply burning through floor and phone traffic.