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“Dealerships today need access to qualified trainers to help
them develop and refine their workforce training strategy. 
At K-Method you can hire a trainer by the hour, by the day, 
or by the project.”
This is training done your way

Check out some of the ways I am able to serve you…

Professional Services

Corporate Training

What if you could have access to a corporate trainer and training solution without having to hire one full time? Imagine if that trainer came with a full technology suite, a learning management system and a fully developed training program to begin impacting your bottom-line on day #1. Now imagine if that trainer also specializes in working with car salespeople on performance and process related issues. Well, that is exactly what you will get and more from our Corporate Training solution without the overhead and unknown costs associated with such a complex undertaking!

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(ILT) Virtual Training

IMPORTANT: This program is not just VIDEO training!!! Our hybrid interactive training experience gives dealerships access to a real trainer streaming live through the professional’s computer, tablet or smartphone. This powerful tool is described as Next Level because of its 3-Prong approach that includes interaction with a live trainer who facilitates online coursework; offline action plan; and ongoing Q & A sessions to ensure the training sticks!  This is extremely important and powerful because it ensures that the professional has every opportunity to retain what they’ve learned so they can apply it on the job.

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Train the Trainer

Our Train-the-Trainer program is designed to complement Continuous Improvement Programs by introducing a much needed tool to correct behavior and affect employee performance in real time when the training is relevant and can make a difference.Managers will learn how to leverage our skill gap training library to implement a Continuous and Never Ending Improvement culture within the dealership by placing every employee on their own professional development learning plan for continuous development and improvement.

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