Work Certified Program 7.0

Program Overview

Our flagship, award winning national work readiness program created by employers and educators to enhance job seeker’s skills and provide them with employment success and employers with employees they can be proud of! The approach is more of a "business-training" program with certification only given to participants who have demonstrated that they are truly ready to be responsible, productive employees. The success of our Work Certified™ program is based upon job acquisition, retention, and promotion!

Program Topics

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Business Technology (Computers Plus)
  • Business Math
  • Pre-Employment
  • Business Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Employment Expectations (Employability Skills)
  • Mastering Career Success (Work Maturity)
  • General Business Knowledge
  • *Overcoming Barriers to Successful Employment-Optional

Program Length

90 Hours plus 15 hours of additional out of class assignments = 105 total hours.

Target Market

Universal Clients

Credential Earned

Nationally and locally recognized certification card indicating courses completed and validating work readiness.